The Rafale ETS team, the spirit of youth!
Friday, 12 June 2015

The Rafale ETS team, the spirit of youth!

The Rafale team from Quebec, the first university team in the history of the LITTLECUP, are on the verge of achieving a truly amazing feat. Despite limited resources and experience, an entirely new C Class is nearing completion in the Quebec capital.

After several months of hard work and intensive research, the hulls, mast, foils and a myriad of composite parts sit proudly in the workshops of the Montreal-based team, where this immense machine will now be carefully assembled prior to its planned launch in July. Piloting the hydrofoil boat will be two former members of the Canadian outfit's 49er team, Marc Farmer and Tej Trevor Parekh, who will have their work cut out in the coming weeks in order to master the craft.


Professional and motivated, the team knows there's still plenty to do exactly three months before the 27th LITTLECUP kicks off. Sylvain Viallon, the captain of the team, remains confident: "At the moment I'm certain we'll be there in Geneva alongside our fellow C Class competitors. The battle's not won yet, but I'm proud of the work that those involved in the project have put in."


Let youth set sail!


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